Rose Green Tea

Soothing and Therapeutic

This blushing cup of tea with its subtle sweet flavor and floral scent soothes your mind and body. Chock-a-block with antioxidants it combats the free radicals thus helping graceful ageing. The polyphenols present in it giving it the red blush promotes the overall health giving supple glowing

Hibiscus Spearmint Green Tea

Antioxidant and Rejuvenating

Delightfully fresh aroma of this ruby steep delivers a slightly sweet taste with a cool aftertaste is a bouquet of potential health benefits. This unique combination eases seasonal allergies and gives a relief from sore throat and cough. The natural flavanoids and vitamins in Hibiscus helps boost immunity and even help get a healthy skin. Hibiscus is also known to lower blood pressure. What better way to unwind and relax.

Fennel Dill Green Tea

Cooling and Digestive

Potent, refreshing scent with a sweet aftertaste this home brewed tea is a love affair of the lost remedies of Dill and Fennel. Together they are; a potent digestive remedy, a source of essential minerals and a great healer owing to the rich phytonutrients. This cooling cup of tea is known to repair the damage from toxins and even soothe in case of heart burn. What more do you need to cool down on a Midsummer’s Night leaving you with a fresh breath?

Lemon Grass Ginger Green Tea:

Protective Pain Reliever

The zesty aromatic tea with warm spicy flavor and citrusy edge is invigo­ rating and refreshing . The healing grass and protective spice are known to have a pain relieving effect. Significant reduction in menstrual cramps documented . These healing herbs make an excellent remedy for flu and cough.

Turmeric Liquorice Green Tea

Golden Healer

The bright golden brew with its musky aroma laced with the lingering fruity taste of liquorice gives an earthy whiff of ancient wisdom. The curcumin loaded brew promotes heart health; boosts immunity also has a plethora of anti-inflammatory properties. Glycyrrhizins in Liquorice are well documented to have beneficial for cough, cold and bronchial irrita­ tions. This treasured herbal combination is healing grounding and nourish­ ing; perfect for cold winter days.

Detox Green Tea

Revitalizing Metabolism

Evocative aroma of star anise, with hints of sweet spicy accents of cinna­ mon and clove, brisking it with warm sharpness of black pepper and bay leaf; a perfect Winter Treat. This super blend of choicest spices aids in improving immunity, boosting metabolism, smoother liver function, improved digestion, improved hair and skin, and even helps get a better sleep. Rebooting your body with every sip, this cup of goodness is all about detoxing.